PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Richwoods High School students honorED Kanye Stowers at graduation, Saturday, May 21.

Stowers was a 17 year-old Richwoods High School senior, just weeks away from graduation, when he was shot and killed in Bloomington in early April.

Students made sure Stowers had a seat at graduation, placing a cap and gown, cords, and a stole along with his picture on a chair.

Stowers’ mother, Tomeka Love, attended the graduation to honor her son. Love said her son would have been pursuing a psychology degree after graduation.

She said it was hard being at the graduation, but said she’s grateful for the support she continues to get from others.

“I feel good that they’re not leaving him out because Kanye was a really respected good kid. He wasn’t a bad kid. He’d give you the shirt off his back,” Love said. “A lot of people showed me love, you know, at the vigil. A lot of people, you know, was there for me emotionally. A lot of people reached out.”

Love said she’s going to keep pushing until the person who killed her son has been found.

“Something has to be done and I want justice for my son,” Love said. “I’m just ready for them to get some closure.”