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Richwoods presents new solar rooftops

PEORIA, IL - A local high school shows off its new solar rooftops as part of its homecoming festivities.

Richwoods presented the system, which is projected to offset 53% of the energy used at the school and about $32,000 in electricity costs a year.

Using a Power Purchase Agreement with Hawk-Attalo Energy, Peoria Public Schools installed the small scale solar systems this Summer at no cost to the district.

"The hope is that the district will eventually expand these projects and we're having discussions on how that may take place now," says Jason Hawksworth of Hawk Energy Solutions. "The future is that we can have a large impact on a school's electricity needs and their budget as well."

The homecoming parade kicks off at 6 p.m. followed by a spaghetti dinner for students at the school.

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