Ridgeview fourth graders make presidents ‘come to life’ in honor of President’s Day

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Fourth graders at Ridgeview Elementary School in Dunlap got a real-life experience to learn about United State’s presidents. 

Sixty fourth grade students created their own presidential wax museum. Each student had to research a president learning personal life details, accomplishments, and unique facts. Then they got to make the characters come to life as guests questioned them on their knowledge.

“I hope it gives them an appreciation for the presidency,” said Jane Collins, fourth grade teacher at Ridgeview. “Appreciation for authors. Appreciation for researchers. I hope it just depends many things in what they learn.”

Teachers at Ridgeview said this experience helps students retain the information in a fun learning environment.  

“This is thinking about how bringing facts to life, and writing it on a paper is one thing,” said Collins. “Taking it to the next step of dressing up and becoming that person is another thing.”

Each student wrote a first person speech. Students were in costume and “came to life” as museum guests push their buttons.

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