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PEORIA, Ill.– City leaders hope more surveillance cameras will lower Peoria’s crime rate.

Residence can now secure their homes with Ring cameras, while paying half the price.

“The first 6 months of the year we had well over 700 burglaries to cars homes sheds, or attempted,” Peoria City Councilman Jim Montelongo said.

Although it has been an uptick in crime, Public Information Officer at Peoria Police Department Amy Dotson said she hopes Ring Security will put it to an end.

“If someone has a home camera and an incident is caught on the footage it’s another way the police and community can work together in solving crime,” she said.

Peoria city council members voted Tuesday to approve a contract with ring security, making 1,000 surveillance cameras available to neighbors at a lower price.

“They’re not cheap and if they’re going to do something to help make it more affordable I mean that’s always a plus right?” Peoria resident LaMicheal Joseph said.

“I would say anyone that was maybe thinking about a camera system or in the market for one I would say this would be an incentive to get such a large amount of money to get off the initial purchase,” Dotson said.

While this contract with ring right now is a pilot program, it could be expanded down the line. Officials also said buying this product will not require users to share their video records with city council or the police.

“This program specifically it’s not mandatory for people to turn over their video, that’s not what we’re looking for. We’re looking for people to get a camera set up in their homes so they have that for themselves,” Montelongo said.

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