Today on this warm and beautiful Saturday, thousands of people gathered together at the Moss Ave sale to shop around for assorted items from hundreds of different vendors.

But one group was there for a different reason.

Amy Lee, Marisa Patel—O’Connor, and Sophie Johnston are three rising seniors from Richwoods High School who came to the Moss Ave sale to speak to others about childcare.

Lee says, “We three are student ambassadors so we’re trying to be the voice for kids and help people know that we’re here to advocate for childcare and make sure that everyone knows that we’re here to help raise funding.”

Patel—O’Connor says, “Recently I went to the Dominican Republic, and I worked at an orphanage there. After that experience I’ve become a lot more passionate about helping out children because I’ve been able to see what some have gone through.”

John Gaudette, who is a mobilization manager for Save the Children, says the Moss Ave sale is extremely beneficial to their cause.

“It’s a really good event as far as having time to actually talk to people. 

Engage them around their story, and get into longer conversations about what’s needed.”

Johnston says, “Kids are really the future, of everything. So if you start with the basic fundamental of

making a difference in the world, that would be children.”

There are plenty of ways to get involved, even right here in Central Illinois.  If you’d like to learn more,

please follow the link below.