PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)–Drivers in Peoria are offering mixed reviews on the road conditions Monday.

“Road conditions were horrible. No doubt Forrest Hill, Sterling Avenue, the major intersections over here,” said Jim Piper.

Others disagreed.

“I’m pleased with them. The snowplows are always out the same day. Especially going down our side streets and everything. I don’t know, I don’t have a problem,” said Vicki Harms.

Peoria Public Deputy Director of Operations, Sie Maroon, said crews had been working through the weekend, but there were still some spots in Peoria where snow and ice could have made driving rough.

“There’s definitely some places, because of the shaded areas, the low-lying areas, the taller buildings that have created a little bit more difficult time to remove the snow and ice pack, because it’s still not getting the sunshine or the warmth that it needs,” said Maroon.

He said that despite still looking for more plow drivers, they were able to make it work through this recent winter storm.

Maroon said rain before the snowfall added an extra layer of ice, making cleaning up a messier situation.

“We’re anticipating a refreeze tonight, but we do have a third shift on staff. So, they’ll be available to be out on the streets tonight [by] putting salt down where we start to see things glaze up,” said Maroon.

In Peoria County, the biggest concerns have been blowing snow and a refreeze from melting.

“What we’re hoping is that the traffic today along with some sunny weather will melt that and at least give us some wheel tracks for the motorists. At least until we get warmer on Tuesday,” said County Engineer Amy McLaren.