Peoria, Ill. (WMBD)–While Peoria’s main roads are fine, some of the side streets and residential areas remain drizzled with ice and snow from two weeks of winter weather.

Sie Maroon the Peoria Public Work’s Deputy Director of Operations says the weather hasn’t helped despite using a different strategy to deal with the slick conditions the last few days.

“The cold is the biggest thing because by the time we get done treating the main arterial streets and we get to the residentials they’ve already been driven on and of course it bonds right away. Especially with the cold and then the refreeze. So, we’re out there treating and we’re out there plowing. We’re maybe making a slight difference in what’s really going on out there, ” said Maroon.
Maroon says illness and staffing shortages haven’t helped either.

“Obviously, everyone is not 100%. So, we’ve got some sick folks as well as COVID cases. So that’s just the reality of it. And we’re working through it with the staff that we have,” said Maroon.

In Pekin, the streets department has had an easier time dealing with the recent rounds of snow and ice accumulation.

“We were right on the line of not a lot. We got some snow. So that really helped us. We got all our main routes first and then came back on Monday and did what we call our off routes. We were able to kind of get ahead of it because we didn’t have it as bad,” said Pekin Street Department Operations Supervisor.

Olson says a smaller area to plow, and more employees have helped this season.

“We just added three new employees this year to the street department. The first time since the 90’s, we’ve been able to add actual not part-time employees and that has helped tremendously,” said Olson.
Maroon says the biggest eliminator of snow and ice is something they can’t control at all but will soon be here.

“The suns out today, the suns going to be out tomorrow. We’re going to get these warm temperatures. That’s going to resolve all the issues we are dealing with right now. We bank on the sunshine. We bank on the temperatures. We know that our liquid materials and our rock salt only can work up to a certain point, ” said Maroon.