Road workers in Peoria find ways to battle the heat

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PEORIA, Ill (WMBD) — When temperatures begin to rise, public works crews are still on the front lines, shoveling asphalt and braving the heat.

“This asphalts coming out, probably at about 360 degrees or so. As you can see, they are stepping in it, they are walking in it, they are right on top of it. Everybody knows heat rises so it’s coming right up at you,” said Savage.

The temperature combined with the amount of moisture in the air creates the heat index
and those feel like temperatures today were close to one hundred degrees.

Director of public works Rick Powers says protocols are put in place to keep workers safe.

“The best we can tell them to do is stay hydrated, take more frequent breaks if necessary, look after each other. Our supervisors are out more frequently to make sure that the crews are ok,” said Rick Powers, director of public works.

Crew member Matthew Savage says looking out for one another is important.

“The big thing is, just watch out for each other, drink lots of liquids, check on your buddy, your partner, your coworker, make sure everybody is doing alright,” said Savage.

Savage says his crew members goes through a lot of water on the job site.

“We pack three gallons, typically we have five gallons. Every bit of five gallons we’ll go through, everybody has their own water jugs,” said Savage.

Powers says anybody that shows symptoms of heat related illness is brought indoors immediately and taken care of.

“If anybody is exhibiting signs of heat exhaustion or tired, sweating profusely anything along those lines, we get them into a cool vehicle,” said Powers.

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