Roanoke Village at risk of losing its recycling service

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The Village of Roanoke is one place in Woodford County where people can drop off recyclable items but that option could be going away soon because leaders said people are putting junk in the bins.

“They have found hypodermic needles. We have found plastic lawn furniture. We have found most recently, buckets of used motor oil, the front end of a car. This is not what this was intended for,” said Michael Smith.

The village board has made an agreement with bin contractor Kev’s Kans to give it some time before making a decision.

“We are at the frustration point. We agreed to give it maybe 6 more months to see if people can police it themselves. If we can get the word out that this is going away, if it is continued to be abused,” said Smith.

It currently costs $145 to empty out the containers weekly and Roanoke taxpayers are footing the bill.

“I do understand and I have heard that people have been abusing it and misusing it which makes me really sad because I use it faithfully all the time,” Edi Yordy, Roanoke resident.

Yordy said she’ll keep recycling if the service goes away but it’ll require some extra effort.

“I would have to haul my recycling out of town somewhere which would be very inconvenient,” said Yordy.

Kevin Wagner, owner of Kev’s Kans said there is no official time frame to make this decision, it will go away if people continue to misuse it and if it needs to be emptied out more than once a week.

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