PEORIA Ill. (WMBD) — Peoria Police are partnering with Pringle Robotics to give you a cold drink Tuesday at the Red White and Boom celebration.

Two fully automated ottobots will go along the riverfront assisting police with safety patrols and giving water to anyone who may need some.

The bots have 360 cameras and audio running at all times that feed directly to the Peoria police department.

Amanda Kuebler with Pringle Robotics is hoping this can be the first step in bringing more robotic technology to assist the police.

“It’s got cameras all around it, it detects people it will stop if someone jumps in the way, it will stop and won’t hit anybody. And then when it’s delivering water, it’s on the other side, but it’s got garage doors that will come up it will stop in designated stops, it will come up and people can grab water then it will go back down and continue its patrol,” said Kuebler.

She said this is the first test stage in implementing more technology in the city if all goes as planned.