Roosevelt Magnet School visits student homes as first day of school approaches

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More than 25 teachers from Roosevelt Magnet School descended on the school neighborhood to visit students’ homes, as part of district 150 “Because We Care Campaign”.

“We haven’t seen them for a little bit and we look forward to seeing them and just reminding them that school’s starting again because every year it seems like it’s getting earlier and earlier and a lot of people don’t think we’re back yet and next Wednesday we’re back,” said Cindy Clark, principal at Roosevelt Magnet School.

Staff targeted students who had 8 or more absences last school year.

“I think it’s a personal touch, it’s a personal approach because we do want to know our families and we do want to know where our kids live. I think that just for them to know that we care,” said Clark.

Even though the teachers weren’t on the clock, they showed up, as they always do for their students.

“If you wanna have more impact, you have to do more. You have to see not just the student but that that is a child, a person and they are with us for part of the time but they’re not with us for all of the time so it’s important that they’re aware that we believe that every bit of them matters,” said Jennifer Jacobs, 6th grade teacher at Roosevelt Magnet School.

First day of school for Peoria Public School students is Wednesday, August 14th.

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