PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — Aaron Rossi, the former CEO of Reditus Labs, appeared in Tazewell County Court in relation to the case with his ex-business partner Dr. James Davies.

Rossi and his former attorney, Michael Evans, were expected to be called to the stand, but that did not happen.

At the center of the argument is a hard drive containing 5,400 emails between Rossi and Evans. Attorneys for Rossi’s former business partner, Dr. James Davie, and his company DAAD, contend the emails will show evidence of crimes and plans to squeeze Davie out of the company.

Davie is suing Rossi for allegedly pushing him out of Reditus Labs and using $100 million of company funds for a lavish lifestyle.

Howard Adelman, attorney for the receiver, said he was inclined to turn over the emails to DAAD and Dr. Davie.

Judge Stephen Kouri said Rossi had no reasonable expectation of privacy for emails on the Reditus server. He ordered Rossi and his lawyers to get together with Adelman to review the documents and file any itemized objections.

Adelman said the sale of Reditus Labs assets is progressing, including metal, furniture, cars and planes.

The next court date on April 14 will deal with the asset sale, Kouri said.

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