PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A Pekin businessman indicted on federal charges of tax fraud has pleaded not guilty in court on Thursday.

As previously reported, Aaron J. Rossi, 39, of Bloomington is charged with three counts of making and subscribing false tax returns in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The government claims he filed a form for the calendar year 2015 in which he reported his taxable income at $324,836, but the court said he, “received income in addition to the amount stated in the return.”

The second charge is for filing a false tax return in which he claimed to have $500,341 in taxable income for the calendar year 2016 and a third charge of filing a false tax return in 2017 where he claimed to make $472,180.

In court Thursday afternoon, the judge set a number of bond conditions. Rossi was ordered to not violate any federal or state laws and provide a DNA sample.

He was ordered to have no changes in his phone number or address and to appear in court as required. He must report to a probation office and surrender his passport.

No travel outside the judicial district without permission is allowed, and no drug use or possession, either. He must also submit to drug testing.

Rossi cannot have any reports of contact with law enforcement, which includes traffic violations, and cannot take out any new credit cards or loans.

The judge ordered him to not spend/distribute assets unless they were “good faith” purchases.

If Rossi violates any of these bond conditions, it could result in a warrant for his arrest. He could then be detained pending the resolution of the case.

Most in-person proceedings will be conducted in Davenport, Iowa because the current judge recused himself.

The new judge, Chief U.S. District Judge Sara Darrow, is based in Rock Island, but since the new courthouse is under construction, the proceedings are temporarily being conducted across the river in Davenport at the Iowa Southern District Courthouse. Rossi signed a consent form to have proceedings in Iowa. All Illinois laws still apply.

Rossi’s lawyer declined to comment immediately following the arraignment.

Rossi is facing up to nine years in prison and a maximum of $300,000 in fines. The jury trial is set for June 6.