PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Local leaders are finding ways to lower violence in the city of Peoria, and now, community organizations will soon be able to get money for their efforts.

“People with a common vision coming together to serve the community, to look at strategies for reducing gun violence, to figure out how they can leverage resources and work together in a collaborative manner,” said Mayor Rita Ali.

That’s the definition of the work group Safety Network, comprised of over 50 local organizations to find solutions to violence in Peoria.

“There’s just an array of services that are needed in these hot-spot areas, we’re going to analyze these areas, we’re going to dig deep, and so, we’re going to be a part of the solution,” said Ali.

Peoria Public School administrators, the Tri-County Urban League, and local pastors are all among the people hoping to make an impact.

The Peoria City/County Health Department worked to gather the $25,000 needed to bring the Cure Violence assessment into the city, and Chief of Police, Eric Echevarria, said he’s excited to get their help.

“It’ll be interesting to see what Cure Violence says and how this assessment looks for us, are we a good fit for Cure Violence? I think we would be, but it’d be nice to get this third party’s perspective,” said Echevarria.

Mayor Ali also spoke about the application organizations can start filling out on Monday, Aug. 15, to get grant money to lower violence.

“We want to implement programs and services that have been proven to work in other places,” said Ali. “It’s going to take a little research to determine that these strategies have been tried here and they were effective, so we’re going to implement them here in Peoria.”

Joe Dulin, the city’s community development director, addressed what categories those organizations can file under when filling out the application. They include, “Thriving neighborhoods, empowered youth and young adults, restoration and resilience, intervention and violence reduction,” said Dulin.

Overall, Ali said she hopes the city can solve these problems.

“We’re looking at what’s common about those areas, what are the needs of those areas, how can we wrap resources around those individuals that reside in those areas to reduce the violence,” said Ali.

The next Safety Network meeting takes place on Sept. 9, at the Peoria Public School Administration building.