Salem Community Church members offer tips for a safe Halloween

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PEORIA, Ill. — Hundreds of people gathered Sunday at Salem Community Church for an early Halloween celebration.

“That’s why we have functions like this because they are safe environments for kids and families and you know other than candy we have kids activities that we want to offer to them as well,” said Salem Community Church Worship Coordinator Mary Gibson.

Making sure your kids are safe on Halloween is most important for parents.
There are a number of things you can let kids know before they go trick or treating.

“Make sure you know the neighborhoods that you are going to go to and if you know the neighbors you are going to go visit is probably the number one thing,” Said parent Jason Lantz.

“Go in a group, which i think makes a big difference, my son is twelve so he’s at that age where, do they go with a parent or do you let them go with a group, but he’s only allowed to go with his friends if their in a big group,” parent Kriss Cochran said.

Going equipped with a flashlight or glow stick can also be beneficial if it gets too dark to see. Checking the candy before the kids eat it is also especially important.

“It’s always good to lay it all out on the floor and check it out to make sure everything looks okay, today everything is pretty much packaged so alot of times it’s pretty good,” Said Lantz

Following these tips can help ensure a fun and safe Halloween.

“You want this to be a fun holiday, like I’ve always loved Halloween since i was a little kid i want my son to enjoy it as long as he wants to continue trick or treating,” said Cochran.

In the river city you can trick or treat with the Peoria Police Department on Oct. 25. If you’re in the Twin Cities you can trick or treat in Downtown Bloomington on Oct. 25, as well.

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