BRYANT, Ill. (WMBD) — Fulton County is still suffering from the severe weather the Central Illinois area received over the past week. Several organizations have helped the communities there, including the Salvation Army.

One such Fulton County community is the village of Bryant, which was hit hard by the severe storms. From passing out lunches to providing supplies, the organization has been a big help to the local community.

“We just try to be here, meeting those physical needs of food and supplies, but also just meeting that emotional and spiritual component of just being able to listen,” said Sarah Nottle, the Director of Ministries and Operations for the Salvation Army 360 Life Center in Fulton County.

The Salvation Army’s presence has lifted a burden from village officials.

“They’ve been out there taking in supplies when they need it, the cleanup kits, and they’ve just been a huge help, they’ve been boots on the ground while some of us have to stay here to field all the phone calls and messages and getting other things lined up,” said Melissa Denham, the village clerk for Bryant.

While the cleanup effort will be a long process and communities such as Bryant have suffered greatly, residents are rallying around the support.

“A lot of people don’t like to be in this situation where they need support, but there’s been so much local support, there really is so many people just willing to come and pitch in and give and it’s been great to see,” Nottle said.