BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — With the recent flooding throughout McLean County, the Salvation Army of Bloomington has stepped up to provide for those affected.

The Multi-Agency Resource Center organized by the McLean County Emergency Management Agency included the Salvation Army, which had the opportunity to give support in the form of lodging and supplies.

“Our resources are very limited, but with the support of our Divisional Emergency Disaster Services team, we wanted to be as helpful as possible to those impacted by flooding,” Maj. Dan Leisher, Corps Officer of The Salvation Army of Bloomington said.

Altogether, the Salvation Army of Bloomington provided 23 nights of lodging at a hotel to individuals/families who were displaced by flooding, 64 flood kits (which include scrub brushes, cleaner, garbage bags, mop head, telescoping handle), and 51 fans (specifically to those impacted by flooding).

Those looking for more information can check out the Salvation Army of Bloomington’s website.