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Search continues for missing Alexis Scott

Illinois - A Peoria mother says shes not giving up months after her daughter Alexis Scott disappeared in September.

Scott's mother says she believes the city's police department has failed her, but she's still going to keep working to get all the answers she wants.

Saturday, police officers split up in groups to begin searching areas around Rice Lake and Banner Marsh. 

They were joined by close to fifty volunteers. 

The groups were aided by search dogs and boats equipped with sonar technology. 

The police are also hoping to help locate other missing peoples with the search.

"It's great to have this many people come out to search for missing people," says Amy Dotson. "Obviously everyone is anxious to reunite the missing person with their loved one. It gives a lot of hope that the community comes together like this.

April Allen-Scott says she's not going to not stop until she finds out where her daughter is, dead or alive.

She also plans on finding out who is involved. 

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