(WMBD) — Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White announced Wednesday that Sept. 8 will be once again recognized as International Literacy Day in an effort to increase literacy levels worldwide.

International Literacy Day is being recognized by the Illinois Literacy Foundation, or ILF.

“This is an important day to bring awareness to literacy and to ensure that through the Foundation and other organizations, all Illinoisans, especially children, have access to literacy and library services,” said White, ex-officio chair of the ILF.

International Literacy Day has been observed on Sept. 8 every year since 1967. The goal of the holiday, said a press release from White’s office, is to remind the international community of the importance of literacy for individuals, communities, and societies.

To raise awareness about the need for and value of literacy, the ILF recommends the following activities:

In the home:

  • Renew a commitment to go with children to the library regularly
  • Act as a role model by reading in front of children
  • Discuss with children the importance of reading

In the community:

  • Hold a book drive, family reading event, or media campaign to raise awareness around your community’s literacy need
  • Thank people who support reading, including teachers, librarians, and government officials
  • Help schools plan for Family Reading Night, which takes place on the third Thursday in November
  • Call or text the Illinois Adult Education Hotline at 800-321-9511 to find community programs in need of support

For more information about the Illinois Literacy Foundation, visit their website.