Self-defense could save your life

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PEORIA, Ill. — The Peoria Police Department said no matter where you are it is important to be situationally aware.

Travel in well-lit areas, don’t cut through alleys and try to pay less attention to your phone and more of what is happening around you.

If you do end up in a dangerous situation, officers recommend that you pick your battles.

In the instance of an armed robbery where an individual is demanding your belongings you need to prioritize what is important at that moment and your safety is of utmost importance.

Officer Amy Dotson, Peoria Police Department

Sometimes you have no choice. Dotson said if you are in imminent danger or believe you are about to experience great bodily harm then you should fight back.

Sarah Wildbahn, the owner of Creo-Fit a martial arts school in Peoria, said it is best to be prepared.

If you’re trained and you know what you’re doing and you know how to defend your self you can not only protect yourself, you can protect your significant other, people who are with you, your children…

Sarah Wildbahn, Creo-Fit Owner

The ability to defend yourself could be the difference between life and death.

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