Sen. Jason Barickman discusses government and legislation with high school students

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“I get a big charge out of it, I hope they do as well,” said State Sen. Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington).

High school students from all over central Illinois put on their business clothes and headed over to the Illinois State University Alumni Center on Wednesday.

Barickman led an interactive talk about state government and how legislation moves through the Illinois general assembly.

“Being a Republican [is a] disadvantage [to] you to communicate with young people and I’m just gonna engage them,” said Barickman. “This gives me an opportunity to engage with young people in a manner that elicits their views on various issues.”

A lot of the students in attendance weren’t old enough to vote yet.
but Barickman says they are all very well educated on the issues of today.

“We’re kind of talked away from getting involved in politics because we’re not old enough and that’s kind of the status quo that is given off in our country, but the youth obviously has very good ideas that sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to share,” said Pontiac Township High School Junior Alec Kridner.

Students were also given time to break into small groups and come up with their own form of legislation.

“It’s really interesting to see the different viewpoints even though we only live an hour or two away from each other,” said MacKenna Gravel a Normal West High School Senior.

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