PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– State Senator Dave Koehler recognized the 10th anniversary of the tornado that rocked the Washington and Pekin communities.

“We still remember the events that occurred a decade ago that left these communities devastated,” said Koehler (D-Peoria).

He continued, “The people who lived in the communities hit by the tornado worked to clean up after the storms and help make their towns habitable again.”

Koehler was on the scene after the storm and helped with debris removal and working with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and Red Cross to expedite disaster relief.

“It’s important to have a plan in place in case of a disaster, no matter the time of year or season, to help keep yourself and your loved ones safe,” said Koehler. “It is in times of crisis, such as the Washington tornado, that we are reminded about the importance of storm readiness and the strength within our community to come together to support one another.”