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Concerns are being brought to light that E-Cigarettes and liquid nicotine packages are designed to attract children.

Senator Dick Durbin visited a local hospital to speak on the dangers.

The FDA joined with the federal trade commission to issue warning letters to 13 E-Cigarette liquid makers and sellers. They identified products with misleading packaging targeting underage users. Some of the products resembled juice boxes, candy and cookies. One of which is sent with candy in the package.

Durbin has spent many years working toward a solution to cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. He voiced those concerns with medical professionals at Advocate Bro-Men on Tuesday. 

“Teenagers push back. When you tell them no, they say that’s exactly what I want to do then,” said Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois). “So you’ve just got to be careful about how you educate them.”

Now with the FDA taking actions on changing the purchasing age to 21, Durbin is one step closer.
“Originally this was sold, the vaping was sold as the healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes,” said Senator Dick Durbin. “This is the way to end the tobacco addiction. And it turns out it’s insidious and harmful in it and of itself. And it doesn’t guarantee any end to tobacco addiction.”

Senator Durbin said standards need to be set, and then strongly enforced. The McLean County Health Department is working with students to educate them about the consequences nicotine has on the body.

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