PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Residents at a local senior care facility came out to support one of their favorite CNA’s today at her softball game Tuesday, April 19.

A dozen people from Evergreen Senior Living in Chillicothe made the trip to Illinois Central College to see CNA Hanna Evans pitch and bat for the Cougars.

Hanna Evans is an IVC High School graduate and has been working at the facility for five years, making close relationships with residents since.

Betty Lansford, an Evergreen Senior Living resident organizer, said they had been wanting to see Evans play for a long time, so she finally organized for them to all come out and cheer her on. She said Evans is a nice, hardworking girl that is always there for them.

“She helps us out a lot…if we need something special, she’ll get it for us,” Lansford said. “Knowing her, she’s a great young girl. I hope she goes far in life.”

Residents were excited to be out at the game, as it was one of the first outings they’ve had together since the pandemic began.