Setting attainable goals, knowing your interests can help make lasting resolutions

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PEORIA, Ill. — The new year is a time for celebration, reflection, and excitement about possibilities, but it’s also a great time to make changes.

Making New Year’s resolutions can help you set a goal or learn something new. The hardest part about making resolutions and setting goals is sticking to them. In 2020, you can.

One common resolution is to get in shape, and many gyms see an increase in memberships early in the new year.

“People come in with this idea that they’re going to see immediate results or they come in with unrealistic expectations,” said Holly Mosack, the co-owner of CrossFit 309.

Trying a group workout, like CrossFit, can help create a routine and a community that can hold you accountable.

“It’s more fun, and you develop wonderful relationships with people,” said Mosack.

Or try tapping into musical talent in the new year.

“It’s a lifelong activity, you know? It’s something that everyone can do, at any point in their life,” said Beth Houlihan, the owner, and president of Kidder Music.

With practice and determination, anyone can learn a new instrument.

“We’ll help you based on where your interests lie, let you try some, see what you have a natural apt to do to get a sound on, and go from there,” said Houlihan.

And for anyone looking to get lost in a good book, there’s something for everybody at the library.

“Reading a book is great for pleasure, it’s great for learning. It’s always good to be reading and it really does help with just mental faculties as well, and it can keep memory sharp in old age as well,” said Joel Shoemaker, the library director for Illinois Prairie District Public Library.

With thousands of books to choose from, setting weekly goals can help you read more.

“If you read for as little as 45 minutes a day, you can read about the equivalent of a 300-page book a week,” said Shoemaker.

Whatever the resolution, it should be something that makes you excited. To really stick with a resolution, pick something you have an interest in and start small.

It’s easier to meet a lot of little goals that will eventually help you reach your large goal.

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