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Now that spring has decided to finally stay in central Illinois, motorcyclists are hitting the roadways.

There’s a few things all of us should be aware of when it comes to sharing the road, especially when we talk four wheels and two wheels. 

Whether you drive four wheels or two the roadway is the same. 

A place where crashes can happen, if you’re not driving defensively.

“Whether your in a car or motorcycle, everybody needs to share the road,” says Bill Wiebler, GM of Walter Brothers Harley Davidson. “You know, just because a car is bigger than a motorcycle doesn’t give them anymore rigthaway.”

The same goes for bikes. 

“Just because a motorcycle can zip around a little bit easier and can get into spots cars can do,” says Wielber. “The motorcycles have to be considerate of the other drivers.”

Turn signals on motorcycles are not self canceling. 

They can also downshift, which means they can decrease their speed without using their brake lights. 

“Show your appreciation for the riders,” says Dave Salter, PEO-TAZ ABATE Safety and Ed Education. “Show your appreciation for safety. Endorse safety, because without safety, we’re all endagered.”

Safe driving applies to all vehicles, despite the number of wheels you choose to use. 

“If you’re out driving, kind of look around at vehicles, notice these motorcycles,” says Salter. “The roads are here for all of us and the safety is there to protect all of us.”

This Sunday, the PEO-TAZ ABATE motorcycle club will be taking their annual ride to Springfield to promote safety and awareness for riders. 

They’re heading out at 10 am at the Creve Coeur VFW.

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