Sheriffs office preaches comply and complain

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Central Illinois law enforcement want teens to know the do’s and dont’s, when pulled over by police.

Sheriff Brian Asbell and deputies informed families Tuesday night about proper hand placement and ways to communicate with an officer during the time of a violation stop. The initiative is called Comply and Complain.

Officers hope that the education learned at Tuesday’s event will be communicated through out the community to help a person if they are ever stopped on the street, in their car or are being arrested.

“If you feel your being bias against, if you feel the stop was unjust,instead of escalating the situation to a worse one you can file a complaint down the road in a more formal setting,” said Sheriff Asbell.

Clea White, a mother of three believes the discussion was important for her boys to hear.

“Just hearing it from the sources mouth, how your tone is and the way you act, the way you respond to things can make a big difference,” explained White.

If you were unable to attend the discussion, a second comply and complain event will be held at the Carver Center from noon to 2 p.m. Aug. 25.

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