PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Itoo Society held their annual 55th annual Shish-Ka-Bob festival at their hall Saturday.

Chair of Itoo shish-ka-bob committee, Kristen Reynolds, said the Itoo Society is a charitable foundation that raise money to send to families in Lebanon and local charities in Central Illinois.

She said hundreds of people came through to enjoy the feast, which included beef or chicken kabobs, as well as cabbage rolls, Lebanese salad, and pita bread.

“Our busiest times has been lunch, and we typically get a big rush around dinner as well, about 5 p.m.,” said Reynolds.

They also had a live band, games, and bouncy houses for families to enjoy, this came after the rain slowed down earlier in the day.

“Its been great so far the drive-through’s been busy, and we have people dining in, the rain slowed us down a little bit this morning, but it’s starting to dry up, so we’ll get our pavilion all dried out and our tent all dried out, so hopefully we can get people outside,” said Reynolds.

She said their next big event is their annual Itoo Supper fundraiser in November.