On this episode Your Local Weather Authority talks about weather history. From local history to international weather related history.

Adam discussed the importance and interesting anniversary of some of the first weather maps to be published in a newspaper. Sir Francis Galton published his maps on April 1st, 1875 with images drawn out from the weather observed in Western Europe the day before to help give the public a forecast. This was made in a time period where weather data was usually only found at surface observations.

Along with the meteorological feat, the group talked about multiple tornado outbreaks from late March and Early April. Some of the most historic events happened early in severe weather season.

The meteorologists also talked about the local history of the NWS office in Lincoln. How they went from being a Weather Bureau Office in Peoria to moving Central Illinois operations to the city of Lincoln.

Here are some links to articles about some of the events discussed and the NWS Lincoln office’s own history:

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