‘Sis & Me: Down by the Sea,’ a new children’s book by the Center for Prevention of Abuse

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Center for Prevention of Abuse published a book to help educate children about protecting themself from sexual abuse.

“Sis & Me: Down by the Sea,” is written and illustrated by the Center for Prevention of Abuse. The book teaches children about boundaries, safe touches, and child sexual abuse prevention.

Center for Prevention of Abuse CEO Carol Merna said the center has been taking steps to publish the book over the last year.

“This marries so well with our mission of helping all people live free from violence and abuse, and that includes children,” Merna said. “Writing this book seemed to be a very logical move and we are very excited that it is now available for purchase.”

The story follows a brother and sister on a trip to the beach. The siblings encounter different animals and learn about four body safety rules.

The four body safety rules are:

  • Say Stop
  • Get Away
  • Tell a Trusted Adult
  • Be Believed

“This is something that is easy to remember, it is something that is easy to tell, and it helps children remember those four body safety rules should they come into contact with someone who wants to do them harm,” Merna said.

She said the book will be used in the center’s education programs and is also a great way for parents to teach their children. The book has additional information and recourses for parents to continue the conversation, including an online tool kit.

The book is available on Lulu and on Amazon for $39.95. Merna said a portion of the money raised will go back to the center.

Merna also said The Center for Prevention of Abuse plans to release more educational books continuing the story of Sis & me in the future.

More information about the Center for Prevention of Abuse is available on their website.

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