Six hospitalized after a gas leak Sunday night

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PEORIA, Il. (WMBD) – What started as a call of a fallen person, turned into first responders saving six people from carbon monoxide poisoning Sunday night.

“You never know what you’re going to come upon,” said Assistant Chief Jim Bachman.

Peoria fire crews and paramedics were called to the 1300 block of Holly Hedges Drive. When they arrived crews were met with numerous unconscious adults, as well as, three dogs and two cats that appeared lethargic and ill. That’s when they say they retrieved an air monitor and requested additional fire companies to respond.

Back up crews arrived and determined that extremely high and dangerous level of carbon monoxide were present in the home.

“The thing with CO is it overtakes you before you even realize it,” said Bachman.

They then worked to remove patients, care for them, and ventilated the residence of the accumulation of carbon monoxide.

In addition to the people on the floor crews also found more people who were unconscious in the basement.

“You never know how many victims you’re going to have and what situations you’re going to run into,” said Captain Kyle Field.

One victim was found to be not breathing, but due to Peoria Firefighter/Paramedic interventions the patient regained a pulse and began breathing on their own.

After a thorough investigation, initial indications are that a pool heater inside the residence is suspected to be the source of the carbon monoxide.

“You don’t know how long you actually have in a situation like that and how long they had already been down inside,” said Field.

Six adults were located in total and all victims were transported to local hospitals. Their conditions are not known at the time of this report. No other injuries to firefighters were reported and scene was turned back to a family member.

Both Captain Field and Assistant Chief Bachman say quick response times saved lives.

“When we say seconds matter, you know, they matter. It makes a huge difference. The outcome could be different,” said Bachman.

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