Six unsupervised children found after routine pest inspection

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PEORIA, Ill. — Lexington Hills Apartments property manager, Michael Duhon speaks out following the uncovering of six abandoned children in the apartment complex Wednesday.

The maintenance supervisor, pest supervisor and Duhon found the kids upon entering a unit for an annually required decency, safety, and sanitary inspection.

We found the condition of the unit was poor to say the least and we found the toddlers unsupervised in that environment and that initiated contact immediately with Peoria Police, our contract security as well as the Deparment of Children and Family Services.

Michael Duhon, Lexington Hills Apartments property manager

Duhon said the apartment was less than desirable, unacceptable and did not pass inspection. He added that their biggest concern was the safety of the children.

He encourages all tenants to do their part.

“Follow the rules and regulations of the property and to exhibit safe, clean, decent safe and sanitary living conditions for themselves and children and or guests,” Duhon said.

We reached out to Peoria Police for comment on what officers saw in the apartment Wednesday, but they declined to comment. However, police did say the children have been taken elsewhere but did not specify where.

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