PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — On Thursday, there was some movement in the case of Aaron Rossi, the former CEO of Reditus Labs in Pekin, and Dr. James Davies, his ex-business partner.

A thumb drive reportedly containing evidence that would prove Davies’ case against Rossi is subject to crime fraud deception. The thumb drive is said to contain information about Dr. Gerard Paul’s partnership with Rossi at Pal Health.

Both Dr. Paul and the Reditus’ receiver agreed to release the thumb drive. Allegedly, there’s information on the hard drive that explains how Rossi has misappropriated funds from previous companies, besides Reditus.

Rossi was sued by Dr. Davie for allegedly pushing him out of the company and using company funds for a lavish lifestyle.

Rossi has until Feb. 17 to either approve or object to the release of the thumb drive. The next court hearing is on Feb. 21.