Smokers in Normal may have to find a new destination

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On Monday July 2 The Normal City Council will vote on a smoking ordinance that will extend the designated smoking areas from buildings. 

The council says the current distance does not meet the L.E.E.D, leadership in energy and environmental design, standards and its those benchmarks that the council is trying to align with. 

City Manager Pamela Reece says its obvious why the council is trying to change the distance and believes it should not undergo much conflict when brought up next week.

“The people working inside a public building…their air quality will be better,” said Reece. She went on to say “It is my assumption that they (the council) will support this change primarily because, the council has adopted L.E.E.D standards for our public buildings and this is in direct compliance with those standards.”

If the ordinance is passed it is set to go into effect immediately. Any business who does not comply with the new standards will be subject to a fine, though, Reece says they cannot inflict punishment until all the signage forcing the new change are put up throughout the city.

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