PEORIA, Ill (WMBD) — You may have noticed some sneaky tire snakes slithering their way around Peoria recently.

A local mystery artist has been creating snake sculptures out of old tires and secretly placing them in front of small businesses and homes around the city.

WMBD has found the snakes in front of Relics on Sheridan, Lou’s Drive-in on Knoxville, Goldfine & Bowles on Knoxville, and Wendy’s Eye Shack also on Knoxville. 

Although snakes might not be everyone’s favorite animal, Wendy’s Eye Shack’s Lead Sales Associate, Jesse Haenig said they are happy to have one of the “infamous tire snakes” in front of their business.

“We get the people that go, ‘Oh I hate snakes!’,” Haenig said. “Well, this is part of art. This is part of supporting a local artist and they’re apparently supporting small businesses. So, I mean, go right ahead, take pictures, and be a part of something fun.”

Haenig goes on to say, “It’s Halloween, so why wouldn’t you want something like that out in front and be part of the anonymous mystery artist that’s popping up all over town? And the detail work and the time and everything that it takes him to put into this, it’s crazy to me.”

Wendy’s Eye Shack wants to assure customers the snake doesn’t bite and loves to take pictures.