Some Notre Dame artifacts saved, Peoria Riverfront Museum talks importance of preservation

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Apple is the latest benefactor to offer help to rebuild France’s Notre Dame Cathedral.

Taking to Twitter Wednesday, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, announced the tech giant will donate to Notre Dame’s rebuilding efforts.

Apple did not say just how much it will provide to help restore the iconic cathedral, which was heavily damaged by fire earlier this week.

Meanwhile, France’s Ministry Of Culture fundraising efforts has already reached nearly a billion dollars.

As Paris looks to rebuild their famous cathedral, a glimpse of hope emerges at the sight of firefighters loading a truck with artwork that survived the devistating fire.

Some of the most precious religious artifacts were saved, including the holy crown that many believe is from the crown of thorns Jesus Christ wore at his crucifixion.

Here in Central Illinois, the Peoria Riverfront Museum has over 1,500 artifacts.

They say even though our artifacts don’t hold the religious significance every historical item needs preservation and protection.

“There is a kind of delicate balance between protecting the object and making them availale to the public and those concepts are what we deal with everyday,” said Bill Conger, curator of collections and exhibitions at PRM. 

Coming up in May, the Peoria Riverfront Museum will have a new exhibit called “The Art of the Brick.”

Organizers say this will be the world’s largest Lego Brick art exhibition.

That opens to the public May 25.

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