PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Covered in potholes, the Peoria City Council voted Tuesday night to repair Allen Road instead of rebuilding it, amongst two other Peoria roads.

Initially, the city was going to spend $4.8 million over two years to rebuild Allen Road, but now, the council has voted on a temporary fix.

Part of that $4.8 million is going towards patch repairs on the stretch of Allen Road from War Memorial to Northmoor. They also plan on repairing Orange Prairie Road from War Memorial to Charter Oak, as well as the Pioneer Parkway and University intersection.

This should allow the city time to get more funding to do a complete rebuild of Allen Road in 2027.

“The reality is we don’t have the funds to do the full reconstruction of all these roads right now, so this is the way that we’re able to stretch these dollars, make it easier for the public to drive on them, and then as the money becomes available for us to do the full reconstruction, we can do that,” said City Manager Patrick Urich.

These patchwork jobs will give the city about three to five years of smooth surfaces.