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Starting today twin city citizens will be noticing a new front street and the City of Bloomington wants your feedback on the new changes. They disabled traffic signals and replaced them with stop signs and barricades. 

Leaders say this will make the street more accessible for walkers. However, after speaking to pedestrians and drivers there seem to be mixed reviews on the new look.

“People don’t ever stop all the way, they just kind of bow for a stop sign,” said James Brown, an every day walker on Front street. “With all the busses going through, and the cars, I think if you take out the lights and put in stop signs its gonna kind of be a cluster.”

“I do think it will benefit the community to have the stop signs,” said Megan Bolender, an every day driver on Front street. “There is a lot of traffic and we have a concert venue, I think overall it will benefit everyone and be safer for the downtown area.”

The city will leave changes up until Friday. Right now they are performing an evaluation and will take into account citizen feedback before making the change completely.

If you want to send your thoughts to the city email traffic@cityblm.org. 

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