Spray paint yard signs raising concerns in Farmington, after months of issues between neighbors

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FARMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Spray painted signs in a Farmington yard are raising concerns from neighbors.

Three signs in a yard on Fort Street feature censored expletives complaining about the Ulm Veterinarian Clinic next door, Farmington Mayor Kent Kowal, and the city council.

Dr. Jennifer Ulm, the owner of Ulm Vet Clinic, says issues with her neighbor have been going on for months. The business opened in may 20-19 and Dr. Ulm says they’ve been harassed since before they even opened.

She says they’ve tried to work with the neighbor after hearing his complaints by adding shields to lights and modifying the HVAC system for noise.

The clinic’s other neighbor, Jeannette Schaumleffel says she has no issues with the business but has issues with the language used on the signs.

“I’ve got a six-year-old grandson that’s come home and said the f-bomb, you know. He can read between the lines,” said Schaumleffel.

Schaumleffel thinks there isn’t much more the business can do since they’ve already tried to accommodate the issues.

“I don’t think they need to do anything else. They’ve done everything they could. Jennifer needs those lights, if an emergency comes up at two, three o’clock in the morning, she’s got to be able to get into that parking lot and go from her car to the front door with no problems. So she can do what she’s got to do to help an animal,” said Schaumleffel.

Dr. Ulm says the lights are a necessary part of her business and provide extra security overnight.

In a statement, the city of Farmington says it’s had private meetings with the neighbors and issued ordinance violations warnings.

It also says the City is, “…reviewing its options, understands the existing art or signs may be grandfathered, under applicable law but has and continues to urge the neighboring property owners to resolve their differences amicably.”

WMBD reached out to the neighbor who has the signs in their yard and has not heard back.

The full release from the city of Farmington is below.

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