Reaching across the aisle to work together that’s the goal of two Illinois congressmen who made a stop in Peoria Wednesday.

Republican Representative Darin LaHood and Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi took questions from the public at Bradley University.

The duo discussed the importance of bipartisanship. They also shared gave their views on hot button issues from gun legislation to infrastructure, the proposed border wall, immigration, campaign finance reform, trade, and tensions overseas.

LaHood is co-sponsoring a bill called “The Congress of Tomorrow.”

“Everything in government should be looked at as how you make if effective, more efficient, and accountable. Well that applies to Congress, you know? Our approval rating is way low and so our bill has about 80 co-sponsors equally divided between republicans and democrats with the same goal. We need to fix the institution of our Congress, make it function better, and so Raja and I both agree on that. We’re going to continue to work on it.” LaHood says.

Krishnamoorthi represents Illinois’ 8th District in the suburbs of Chicago, but grew up in Peoria.