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Spring snow means business for local towing companies

PEORIA, IL - Saturday's intense snow let a lot of you at home enjoy the weather with family and making memories, but for some workers here in Central Illinois, they left their families to work throughout the night.

"Friday night at about 10:30 is when it started," says Ben Piper, Tow Truck Driver. 

Saturday's freak snow storm left a lot of people stranded on the side of the road.

"Usually in bad weather like this, the calls come in non-stop, so there's all these calls that go in one after another, towing and pulling out of ditches mainly yesterday. Sliding off the road and stuck in snow drifts."

When the weather is at it's worst that's when tow truck drivers are the busiest.

"Pulling them out, and if there car's not damaged, we let them go or tow them to a facility or a repair shop. We did do some tire changes yesterday to, do to the pot holes in the road."

When cars get into accidents, not only are they potentially deadly for the drivers, but these workers are putting their lives on the line to help.

"I've had a truck nipped a few times. Years ago I took a class from the State and they had like this top five deadliest jobs and I think tow truck was like number three."

There are laws to keep tow truck drivers safe- like the slow down and move over law.

Drivers like Ben Piper say it's the distracted drivers who are the biggest concern.

"There all dangerous spots out there. There's really no safe zone on the side of the road because people are distracted, texting you know on the phone, thinking about what they're doing when they get home."

Tow truck drivers all over Central Illinois have a simple message: slow down and move over.

After all, they're just trying to help.

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