St. Mark’s Catholic school runs anti-bullying program

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PEORIA Ill. — St. Mark’s Catholic School is holding its annual anti-bullying program this week.

The two-day program called, Safe School Ambassadors is aimed at bringing awareness to different types of bullying and some of the strategies to combat them.

“It reassures our students that we’re here to support them, their classmates are there to support them, and by bringing everyone back together it reminds us where we were last year and where we want to go,” said Principal Noreen Dillon.

The students range from fifth to eighth grade and get to participate in activities that also teach them things about peer mistreatment and ways to combat it.

“Instead of a put down do a put up and if someone puts you down and says she’s not good at soccer, well she’s a very talented writer,” said Dillon.

Bullying is still prevalent among students in school, but more and more students are becoming aware of the issue and are starting to take action. The teachers play a big role in making this program possible and even have retired teachers come back and volunteer.

This is the seventh year St. Mark’s has been holding the program
and leaders plan to continue in years to come.

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