EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – An old float with a new look is making its comeback.

After a three-year absence, East Peoria’s Festival of Lights ‘Enterprise’ float will be returning this year.

City leaders said the U.S.S East Peoria has always been of the city’s most advanced and popular floats.

Jill Peterson, the city’s public relations coordinator, said the float’s been out of commission, or rather “spacedock” for the past three years because of some much-needed repairs.

But Peterson said people have been asking for its return since it went away.

She said organizers have been working on all aspects of the Festival of Lights for months.

Peterson said everyone involved is excited for this season and the return of the Enterprise, saying it has special meaning for so many people.

“If you are a Star Wars or a Star Trek fan and there’s a lot of them out there, they want to see those specific floats,” Peterson said. “They like everything else but they really look for those space floats and we’re just very happy to have this back in our space lineup.”

This year will be the Festival of Lights 38th anniversary.

The Festival of Lights runs from Nov. 4th through Jan. 2nd and the Parade of lights will shine on Nov. 19th.