Starved Rock Lodge offering remote learning field trip for kids

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UTICA, Ill (WMBD) — With many kids learning behind a computer at home, the staff at Starved Rock Lodge are crafting ways to get students outside.

The goal is teaching kids about the resources that shaped the park’s history.

“This gives them an opportunity to get outside, see the sunshine and see fall come to life, and experience some great things here,” said Kathy Casstevens, marketing director of Starved Rock Lodge.

Casstevens said students will get a chance to take in the view and also learn geography and navigation skills, but there’s a little fun sprinkled in too.

“I had to include fun activities in the pool like letting children guess how deep the pool is on each end, how much water it holds in gallons, see if they can swim the length of the pool underwater,” said Casstevens.

Parent Natalie Martin is excited to get her kids in on the fun.

“Being home, every day, doing school all the time is a lot. So, it kind of wears on you a lot every day when your home every day being in front of a computer, so we are trying to find some opportunities to mix it up,” said Martin.

Besides the program, Casstevens said the trails are fun for all ages.

“Depending on your skill level, they can go hit the east trails or the west trails, of course, you have to go to the top of Starved Rock,” said Casstevens.

“My kids especially, and I’m sure a lot of other kids are this way. They learn better when it’s a hands-on opportunity when they can really mix it up when they can touch things, and when they can really see things,” said Martin.

Kids also have the option to stay overnight and learn about astronomy and constellations. Those that are interested can find out more by going to the Starved Rock Lodge website.

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