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State Farm and BACC help high school kids interview prep

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Local high school students are getting the chance to practice their interview skills.

State Farm has partnered with the Bloomington Area Career Center to give high school juniors and seniors career building tools.

"A lot of these classes get students prepared to go directly into the workforce, so this gives them the opportunity to practice those interviewing skills," said Ashley Morgan, one of the scheduling coordinators. "Also gives them the chance to learn about State Farm and the company that we work for."

Since 2011, students involved in the BACC program get to do mock interviews with volunteers from State Farm and other companies. Over the course of this week, nearly 400 high school students will participate.

"I think this is such a good opportunity because when we went to our first interviews, it was for the job," said Tanya Waninger, a volunteer interviewer. "And this is giving them a chance to do that interview. To get comfortable, get confident, and be ready for that real experience."

The students wear business attire, prepare a resume, and answer a series of questions to help them gain confidence in an interview setting.

"Hopefully something like this will help me kind of prepare and see what they're going to ask me," said Zach Burris, a Bloomington High School senior participating in the mock interviews. "For when I'm going into a more professional and established career, rather than just like a high school job. So then it'll kind of help me reflect on what I need to do to get better and what else I do really good, so then I can keep building on that."

After the interviews, the students write a thank you letter to their interviewer.

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