BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) – State Farm has backed out of a partnership with The GenderCool Project following backlash over a book donation initiative.

One of the latest forms of criticism comes in the form of a 30-second ad now running in Central Illinois from the non-profit group Consumers’ Research.

Executive Director William Hild said the commercial is in response to an email sent to State Farm agents in Florida, asking them to donate three books about being transgender, inclusive, and non-binary to a local teacher, community center, or library.

“It’s vile for a major corporation to be targeting young children without their parents present, for conversations around sexual identity,” Hild said.

The book donation initiative was part of a partnership with The GenderCool Project, a partnership that State Farm said has since ended.

We know there may be questions around our decision to end our affiliation with The GenderCool Project.

“This action in no way diminishes our support of the LGBTQ+ community or our commitment to continue giving philanthropic dollars to programs that support this community.

As our mission says, we are people who make it our business to be like a good neighbor. We help people. That starts with seeking to understand and having compassion toward one another, even when we don’t agree.

We cannot take back the frustration, hurt and emotion many have endured as a result of our actions and our response, but we can move forward knowing we will continue to respect and support everyone in our communities, representing every group within our society. We will remain a brand that cares about and helps people, and that starts with all of us living out the values we hold true at State Farm.”

Roszell Gadson, State Farm public affairs

Now, Consumers’ Research is calling for a third-party audit.

“They need to make the audit and the list of locations where the books were donated available to the public so State Farm customers but most importantly parents can make sure their kids were not harmed by State Farm,” Hild said.

Hild said that Consumers’ Research has no political affiliation, but according to the organization’s website they have criticized companies including Nike, Coca-Cola, and the MLB for being what they call “woke”.