BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The insurance claims have been pouring in at State Farm after last week’s snowstorm.

“This is just the beginning. We still have several months to go and this is probably not going to be the last winter storm we see this year.” said spokesperson Heather Paul.

Across Illinois, there have been 1,500 insurance claims. So far there have been 41 claims for McLean County and 27 for Peoria County.

“The possibility of that increasing is probable given that people may not have been home. So, they may not even know that their homes or vehicles have sustained damage because they may have been traveling or out of town for the holidays,” said Paul.

Claims can be started online, via text, the State Farm mobile app or by speaking to your agent. Some inspections such as flood damage can be done virtually while inspections for roof damage will need to be in person. Paul asked that customers have patience throughout the process.

“We are right now looking at those claims that are heaviest right now. For uninhabitable homes, maybe if a tree has fallen on the home or sustained heavy flood damage because of those broken pipes, we’re getting to those first and we will continue to work on claims as they come in,” she said.

Paul says snowbirds should turn their water off before leaving town. She encourages others to keep their homes properly heated and to let their faucets drip to reduce the risk of frozen pipes. She says ice dams are another problem to be aware of, that’s a build-up of snow and ice on your roof.

“It can ruin your roofing products. It can cause water to get into your home. So, try to safely remove snow and ice. Keeping your gutters clean is a great practice to have as well,” Paul said.

Paul reminds people to keep track of their insurance deductibles so they can know much they need to pay before receiving a payout.