State Farm sends thousands of employees home to work remotely

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Seemingly overnight, McLean County’s largest employer, overhauled how it does business. State Farm told thousands of people, to leave the office, and work from home.

One has to wonder how a company , with 58,000 employees across the nation, and more than 14,000 in the Bloomington Normal area, is working remotely without missing a beat.

“The isolation was a little bit hard,” said Software Developer Gary Vaughn.

The halls, offices, and parking lots at State Farm are empty, and employees have been told to go home. Vaughn says they were also told to take their work with them, literally.

“They said anything from our work environment we could bring home,” he said. “I was allowed to bring home my monitor, my computer, anything I needed for audio, even including my desk chair.”

The company sent its employees more than 3,000 hotspots and more than 34,000 headsets across the nation. But even with your home-converted-office, working from home can come as a challenge, especially if you have little ones.

“I am a mom of a toddler,” said Communication Specialist Kim Kaufman. “It’s been a scene to balance work and also being mom with him home. I would say State Farm has been so supportive of everything and knowing that, ‘hey if we hear a young child squealing in the background or a dog, that’s kind of the norm.”

Kaufman says the company is doing everything it can to allow its employees to focus on work, and not worry about if their equipment will work.

“For anybody working from home versus going into the office, it’s really about setting guidelines,” said Kaufman. “Knowing that this is the start of my workday, and this is the end of my workday.” At this time leaders at State Farm are unsure how long their employees will have to work from home

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