ILLINOIS (WMBD) — The State of Illinois has been served with a lawsuit after attorney Keith Altman said his client, Christopher Vaughn, wasn’t given a fair judicial process.

Vaughn was convicted of murdering his wife Kimberly and three children, shooting them on a family trip back in June 2007.

The Oswego man has since maintained his innocence, and is now claiming his wife was the one behind the trigger.

Altman has sued the State of Illinois, Will County, and its State’s Attorney, among others. Altman hopes to correct public record in terms of DNA testing done during the Christopher Vaughn case.

The lawsuit claims the Illinois State Forensic Scientist “tampered with the laboratory reports,” specifically the blood found on Kimberly’s seatbelt. The prosecution maintained the blood was Kimberly’s while Altman said he’s come to find the blood was actually Christopher’s.

The Illinois Attorney General’s office confirmed they have received the complaint and are currently reviewing it. When following up about what their future actions would be, there was no response.

Sheehan has reached out to the Will County Executive three times for comment, and has not received a response.