PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The future of technology is fast approaching and for Illinois Central College, the future is now.

HAL S5301 is a human patient simulator that students at ICC can utilize. Second-year nursing student Amy Langeswich said it makes for a more immersive experience.

“It’s more realistic than our other simulations have been with the other mannequins so I feel like it will help bridge, we have a lot of sit-down lectures and talk, this brings our clinical experience to the school setting, not just the hospital setting,” she said.

HAL is touted as the most advanced simulator of its kind in the world. It has AI-generated speech and can move its body with lifelike motions.

Greg Love, Coordinator for Simulation and Skills Labs at ICC, said the college is fortunate to have something like HAL.

“HAL can carry a conversation with the students and it’s much more realistic, we try and go for as strong a realism as possible, we call it highest fidelity because it lets the students buy into the simulation experience,” Love said.

HAL can also simulate a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Practice surgery, emergency care, respiratory procedures, and trauma intervention are a few things that can be done to HAL as well.

Langeswich said past simulations were not as lifelike, but with HAL it’s much more realistic.

“It made simulations kind of difficult sometimes with having to listen to the instructor over voiceover through the microphone where this, we can look at the patient and he responds directly to you, it’s really neat,” she said.

The HAL at ICC is one of only four that have been delivered to the state of Illinois since hitting the market in early 2022.